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  • Q: TB160 FAQ
  • Q:Is the .NET be supported in TB160?
    A: No,Windows 10 IOT LTSB doesn't support .NET .

    Q: How can we configure the scanner on TB160 ?
    A: Here is the link of the software to configure the scanner on TB160.
    Scan engines>ED40

    Q:Can the buttons be adjusted?
    A: It is possible by the software "DashOn".
    The "DashOn" only can set the four keys[Fn,F1,F2,Barcode] in the left and right side. 
  • Q: Handheld Computer Silicone-Rubber Keypad
  • Many unitech handheld users are the field workers for stocktaking and logistics applications. Their main job to operate the handheld computer is to press keypads, input and count inventory numbers or text information......Download for more information
  • Q: Software Commands
  • Due to the changing applications in the marketplace, some application scenarios require remote commands to control the reader without pressing the physical trigger button to drive the reader. For example, the user's application has an operation interface for the user to operate, or the reader is fixed somewhere and users need to remotely operate the reader. Therefore, it is important to provide a mechanism that allows the user to easily perform reader operations directly on the application.......Download for more information

  • Q: Wearable Ring Scanner
  • In recent years, wearable devices have provided warehouse staff with operational improvement, increased flexibility and significant cost savings. Wearable devices are compact and lightweight computers and/or scanners that can be worn directly on the body of warehouse staff. Like other wearable technology, ring scanners have a measurable effect on the productivity of your workforce. Without adding staff, organizations were able to increase productivity by 15% and reduce errors by 39%—and that is in comparison to voice-only solutions, which are proven to improve inventory accuracy compared to pen-and-paper systems........Download for more information 
  • Q: Multi Decode Scan
  • In unitech’s experiences, customers always wish their workers needing to capture multiple barcodes on items. Traditionally, with a barcode scanner or PDA might scan barcodes each one at a time. That repetitive scans waste time and not efficient at all. Unitech hears the voice of customers, creating a feature that can increase the productivity, to let the scan barcode jobs become more efficient, speedy and more easy. With a single press of a scan button, unitech “Multi-decode scan” enable the simultaneous capture of all or specific barcodes on a single label — no more time wasted on repeti-tive scans. Flexible mix-and-match criteria enable the easy selection of the right barcodes......Download for more information 
  • Q: ActiveSync supporting on Window 10
  • In Windows 10, Microsoft no longer officially supports WMDC for active sync feature on Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices. We provide a workaround we tested update-to-date for users experiencing this problem on Microsoft Windows 10. This workaround for WMDC installation should be applicable to unitech devices like PA692, HT682, PA820, PA520, and etc.......Download for more information 

  • Q: MoboLink
  • In the development of an application system, the developers often need to develop different communication software on back-end system to access different devices during different projects. It costs a lot of development time to customize its back-end system to different devices. However, if a standard software interface can be used to carry out the background system development, it can significantly reduce the development cost. So how to build this standard software interface in different device sides, it becomes very important......Download for more information 
  • Q: Clean housing of MCA Products
  • For medical institutions, unitech provides customers the MCA product series including PA600MCA, PA690MCA, PA520MCA, PA700MCA, and the latest PA720MCA made by antimicrobial material. How to clean unitech MCA products is the top priority for medical professionals.....Download for more information 
  • Q: What is data validation of 1:1 & 1:N Checking?
  • We are human beings and cannot be expected to do everything like a machine and have precisely results each time. A simple distraction can lead to a mistake of their work. Through “1:1 & 1:N” data checking function, you will see how unitech helps our customers to avoid those careless mistakes on his/her daily job as well as to make the work more efficiency.....Download for more information
  • Q: DPM
  • DPM Technology ( Direct Part Marking) is a process that allows users to imprint a bar code directly on an item instead of printing the code on a paper label. Di˜erent technologies are available to directly mark objects such as laser marking, chemical etching, dot peen marking and ink jet printing. One of the advantages of this technology is that the code is permanently marked on a surface and will survive for a long time (ideally forever), regardless of the part being passed by any stress,  the code still main-tains well during its’ life cycle.......Download for more information
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